IT Team Lease and IT Outsourcing to Bulgaria

IT Team Lease

You have that project on your desk for months, but still can't start it as you can't find the developers you need? Or your budget can't attract the highly-skilled and experienced candidates?

Talk to us and lets find the solution together. Prodio is a small company, but having been in the business for over a decade, each one of our team members have the necessary connections in the IT industry and we could build a team for your needs. Let us know the project details and expertise needed, and we will do the inital job market research.

IT Oursource to Bulgaria

Bulgaria, been the Silicon Valley of the ex-Eastern Block, have long standing tradition in the IT field. With technology-oriented higher degree and universities, we still have the human power for the IT business. Its the Bulgarian high school students, who traditionally win most of the international IT competitions. Its the Bulgarian university students, who brings innovations to Google, Yahoo, HP and Microsoft.

We shouldn't forget some business-critical facts as well as

  • As EU state member, the Bulgarian legal framework has been harmonised with the EU legislation.
  • Almost the same timezone as anyone in Europe (GMT+2)
  • Its convenient location and transport links - there are 5 flights daily between Sofia and London
  • Stable and predictable economic and political environment