GDS Integration Services

Travelport Integration

Travelport is one of the few Global Distribution Systems (GDS), which provides data and booking facilities for the full range of holiday-related services. It's presented in over 170 countries around the world.

We've developed a web service client API in PHP for Travelport Universal API. It is been used primarily for flights, including scheduled and low cost fare search, costing and booking.

Multicom Integration

Although Multicom operates in 30 countries around the world, their main focus is the UK holiday market. Multicom provides full range of technology services and is a leading innovator of UK travel technology.

Multicom FaB (Find And Book) API is what mainly powers the UK Online Travel Agents websites. We've developed a PHP API for FaB and it is primarily used to search and book accommodations and flights.

Hotelbeds Integration

Hotelbeds operates in more than 140 countries around the globe. Company main focus is the accommodation service, but also provides information for transfers, car hire, attractions, etc.

We've developed a PHP API, which is a full implementation of the accommodation and transfers services.

TopDog Integration

Although smaller than the other companies, listed here, TopDog is a very reliable data provider. The detailed documentation and always ready help Dev team, makes it noce and easy to integrate their API.

We've developed a PHP API, which utilize not only their standard workflow for accommodation search, but could also manage any custom products within the same reservation.

Amadeus Integration

One of the Global Distribution Systems, which operates in more than 190 countries around the world. It provides facilities for flights, accommodations, cruise offers, car hire, railways, insurance companies, etc.

Sabre Integration

It is difficult to describe Sabre in few words. Operating on the global market, with the largest variety of services, providers and clients, Sabre is one of the technology leaders on the world. We are currently evaluating their accommodation, flights and car rental services.

A2B Transfers Integration

A2B provides full range of transfer services around the globe. They have an extremely quick and reliable API and are one of the few companies out there, developing on the PHP platform. It's an evidence for how great PHP could work in such high-availability environment.

IT Consulting and PM

IT Consulting

You have such a great idea, but you don't know is it possible to bring it to live? You have a problem, and you're actively looking for a solution?

Lets discuss and analyse your case. Based on our vast experience and knowledge in the IT industry, there are no unsolvable problems for us. We will try not to impose your business to risk, but to help you manage the risk and enhance your bottom line. We are going to provide you with a solution not only for the particular problem or case, but one to meet your business needs in mid-term plan.

Project Management

You are about to start a new project, but you feel unsure about how to manage the entire process successfully? More important of starting a project, is actually finishing the project. We know how to define the milestones and deliverabilities. We have the expertise to manage the tasks, measure and analyse the progress, to do proper risk management.