Custom Software Development

OTA Software

We could deliver full range of software products, helping Online Travel Agents (OTA) to optimise their workflow and business processes. A high-performance website to handle all your AdWords traffic or an easier to use back-end system for your Operations Team, you name the problem, we will deliver the solution.

We've developed a web service client API in PHP for Travelport Universal API. It is been used primarily for flights, including scheduled and low cost fare search, costing and booking.

CMS Development

Although a general-purpose CMS is nowhere near the enterprise level, it could serve certain purposes in terms of online campaigns or supporting content websites. We could customise a Worldpress or Drupal CMS to meet your requirements or we could deliver a tailor-made CMS just for you and your unique requirements and needs.

Online Payments

Having been in the online business for the past decade, we've been working with various online payment providers - Worldpay, Paypal, Moneybookers, 2checkout, to name a few. We were the first company in the world to participate, and later on, to integrate, Worldpay newest payment service - RedirectAPI, in January/April 2015. With the variety of payment options out there these days, we can integrate the payment service, which best suits your needs and business.

Website and Database optimisation

At some point any website could start performing badly and slowly than what it was in the beginning. Is it the traffic or a server-side issue, you can hire Prodio to audit the programming code, to investigate and find the reasons why it happens. We can optimise all aspects of a web application: database schema and performance; website loading time or even to make it works nice on different devices.

IT Consulting and PM

IT Consulting

You have such a great idea, but you don't know is it possible to bring it to live? You have a problem, and you're actively looking for a solution?

Lets discuss and analyse your case. Based on our vast experience and knowledge in the IT industry, there are no unsolvable problems for us. We will try not to impose your business to risk, but to help you manage the risk and enhance your bottom line. We are going to provide you with a solution not only for the particular problem or case, but one to meet your business needs in mid-term plan.

Project Management

You are about to start a new project, but you feel unsure about how to manage the entire process successfully? More important of starting a project, is actually finishing the project. We know how to define the milestones and deliverabilities. We have the expertise to manage the tasks, measure and analyse the progress, to do proper risk management.