Broadway CMS

The client

Broadway Travel is an experienced travel company and one of the leading OTA (Online Travel Agent) in the UK, since 1948. Running their own network of websites, Broadway offers the full stack of traditional package holiday deals and holiday-related services from all of the UK's leading tour operators.

The challenge

As many other travel agencies based in the UK, Broadway Travel’s business model evolved around using OTAs (Online Travel Agents) for managing orders, provide up-to-date quotes on the holiday packages chosen by customers over the phone and book accommodations, flights, transfers and insurance policy upon request.

The process was slowed even more by the fact that the company works with a variety of suppliers, each with a different workflow.

The low customer satisfaction score and decreasing number of referrals determined Broadway Travel's management to solve these issues. In order to maintain their competitiveness and market share, the company decided to increase their order processing and bookings effectiveness by implementing new technologies.

The solution

From the list of technology providers that was made, Prodio was chosen due to their extended industry experience with various GDS and other related service providers.

After the initial assessment, Broadway Travel’s management and Prodio’s team reached the conclusion that for solving the current challenges a custom content management system needed to be developed. Implementing such a system provided a unique combination of control over the content and over the search results, which will increase conversion rates.

The main focus of the CMS was to increase the online sales for Broadway Travel's holiday packages. An admin area was developed to provide full control over the special offers and search results, making the system highly customizable down to each individual page, where users could define different search forms with unique sets of destination options, board options, departure airports and many more.

Powered by the TravelExchange, this content management system provides each client with the ability to book accommodations, flights, transfers and insurance policies from their preferred suppliers.

Due to Prodio's knowledge and recommendations, the project was delivered within time and budget, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system that was developed. Additionally, the development team provided extended support to Broadway’s staff throughout the entire length of the project.

The results

Due to the support & training received from Prodio and by implementing a custom-built CMS, Broadway was able to easily build an unlimited number of websites, with different designs, while managing everything in one admin area.

Their business model improved and the order processing workflow was significantly simplified. This helped improve the overall customer satisfaction score and at the same time almost doubling the number of monthly referrals compared with the same period prior to the implementation.

Technology stack

  • PhalconPHP - C-based PHP framework, focused on high availability
  • AWS - Cloud services by Amazon - EC2, ELB, RDS, SES, S3, ElastiCache
  • MySQL - The most popular database server for web applications
  • Nginx - HTTP web server, focused on high availability
  • AngularJS - MVC-oriented Front-end JavaScript framework to deal with dynamic data on the client side
  • jQuery - JavaScript library, which comes very handy for building dynamic User Interface and User Experience
  • Bootstrap - Front-end CSS framework, which aims to turn a website into responsive HTML5 application.
  • Phalcon PHP
  • MySQL
  • Nginx
  • AngularJS by Google
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • AWS