The technologies, we're using on daily basis


РНР development

PHP is the primarily choice of a program language for our developers. With some of our team members, been in the IT for more than a decade, we've witnessed the PHP platform ups and downs and we believe this is the de facto standard for web-based applications. There are no PHP secrets for us, not only because of our Zend certified developers, but also because of our experience, pushing the borders and been amazed with the results.

During all those years, we've been following the latest trends and innovations in the PHP world. Because of that, we have extensive experience with PhalconPHP, Zend Framework and Symfony, although , CodeIgniter and Kohana are not unknown for us.


In the Open Source world, MySQL is the most popular relational database management system. The PHP/MySQL pair goes together, hand by hand, for ages. They have been developed and enhanced simultaneously. In the same time, we have our experience and overview of the modern technologies, such as TokuDB and Percona, or the NoSQL databases as MongoDB and Redis. In our team we even have a certified MongoDB developer.


Its not just the next buzz word, but it refer to your web application ability to serve your and your clients needs, on 24/7 basis, regardless of the traffic peaks. We could provide you with specialists to set up a proper load-balancing system for you, as well as content caching and distribution strategies.

Additional technologies

Automated tests is a standard development and deploy procedure in our projects. For such important task, we could use variety of technologies, such as phpunit, selenium, behat/mink, jasmin.

Git is our primary source code management system, but SVN could be used as well, if the need arise.



The web-design, as crucial part of any Internet-based application, have its dedicated place in Prio's concept. During the years, we've managed to build relationships with creative designers. They are on your dispose, ready to help you improve the User Experience and satisfaction.

Mobile first

In case your web-based application targets the B2C market, our front-end developers are going to follow the Mobile First concept. They are going to build the User Interface, starting from the mobile version (phones, tablets, etc.), followed by UI version for small computers (ultrabooks, laptops), and will finish with the desktop version. The main idea behind this concept is that the users today access your application and data, using various devices, and the desktop (PC) computers are of last importance. If you want to be on the top, you need to follow the todays trends and technologies and you need to know your clients habits and adapt your online presence appropriately.


Front-end development is booming today. An entirely new profession was born, which take its place between the web-designers and web-developers. Dynamic user interfaces and moving the business logic to the client side (the user browser), to name a few, are the incarnations of this trend.